Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

Ashleigh Daniel (f)

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Ashleigh is a highly qualified and experienced nurse practitioner who is able to deal with most problems. She has immediate access to a doctor for anything outwith this. 

An ANP is a Registered Nurse with additional training for performing tasks – such as diagnosing and prescribing – which are customarily performed by a Physician. A Registered Nurse is educated to Masters Level in Advanced Practice, and assessed as competent in practice using expert knowledge and skills. They have freedom to act and make their own decisions in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of those in their care and are capable of independent practice in a variety of settings. Their role will be tailored not only by their training but their clinical experience as Senior Practitioners. In General Practice, ANPs can consult and work independently but will consult medical colleagues when they need advice.