Clinics & Services

All GP’s must provide essential services, that is, basic treatment of ill people.

Additional Services

Cruden Medical Group also provides the following “additional services”:

  • Child health surveillance with the Health Visitor
  • Contraceptive services:- advice, oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive injections, implant fitting and IUCD (coil) insertion.
  • Maternity services in the ante-natal and post-natal period.
  • Routine immunisation of children, together with the Health Visitor
  • Cervical smears
  • Minor Surgery Clinics
  • Substance Misuse via Kessock Clinic

Enhanced Services

Cruden Medical Group also has a contract with NHS Grampian to provide the following “enhanced services”:

  • Regular monitoring, by blood and urine tests, for patients on a range of drugs for arthritis.
  • Regular monitoring, by blood tests for patients on Warfarin.
  • Annual comprehensive reviews for patients with heart disease
  • Annual comprehensive review for patients with diabetes.
  • Minor Injury Service

Please note that not all of the doctors provide all of the services. This is a Practice Contract.

Lifestyle Advice

  • Smoking – Please ask at reception or at any consultation for information and support. Support is also available at your local pharmacy
  • Alcohol – guidelines say that we should limit our intake. Did you know if you take more than 6 units (8 for a man) in one evening that this is considered Binge drinking?
  • Exercise – we can all benefit from doing some exercise. Walking is something which most people are able to do, and don’t need any special equipment.  Start by walking for 15 or 20 minutes at a brisk enough pace to get your heart beating faster, 3 times a week regularly. 
  • Diet – cutting down our intake of high fat, high sugar and high salt foods in our diet may help prevent heart disease and diabetes.